Thursday, October 9, 2008

$10 KFC Cooking Challenge

Anne over at Cooking with Anne posted about the KFC $10 challenge a few days ago. $10 really seems like a LOT to me when it comes to a simple fried chicken dinner, so I thought I would run the numbers on a similar (but healthier w/bigger proportions) dinner for my family. Most nights I'm feeding 2 adults & 4 kids.

2 lbs boneless chicken breast made into pan fried strips $4

1.5 lbs roasted red potatoes $1.50

1 dozen made from scratch biscuits $1.15

box of mac & cheese (made w/whole milk & real butter) $1.50

can of green beans .69

My total $8.84 and I am providing a wholesome, satisfying meal for a family of 6

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Sabrae said...

i love cooking and learning new things about cooking so i will be sure to keep up to date on your blog :)