Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Artichokes--Tempt my Tummy Tuesday

Artichokes are one of the very best foods I have ever eaten. If I could afford to eat them everyday I definitely would. When we lived in California, they were very cheap from about mid-March through mid-May. Here in Tennessee, they are available most of the year, but the quality is not as good & the price is staggering.

We prepare artichokes to eat by immersing them in boiling water & letting them cook until the stem is fork tender. We eat them by pulling off the individual leaves one at a time & dipping them. I dip mine in mayonnaise. Hubby dips his in melted butter seasoned with garlic & a bit of pepper. Once the end of the leaf has been dipped, you put it into your mouth & scrape the dip & artichoke meat off with your teeth. Eating an artichoke is a time consuming process, but well worth the effort. After all the leaves have been eaten, you scrape the choke (fibery thistle type stuff) out of the heart, cut the heart into chunks and eat it with your preferred dip.

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Janet said...

I've always been intimidated by artichokes. Maybe I'll get my nerve up to give them a try. You make it sound doable.

Pami said...

I have always wanted to do an artichoke but was scared maybe this will give me the push I need to just go for it, thansk

Brenda said...

Love artichokes and have not had them in a long time!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I have to be honest. I have never cooked an artichoke. So, thanks for the tips. So glad you joined us for TMTT.