Monday, April 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday...what I THINK we are going to eat this week

I haven't been doing really well sticking to my menu lately. Last week I never got around to even doing one. However, I really enjoyed doing a recap of what we had actually eaten on Friday. This week I'm going to write out what I THINK we are going to eat, then on Friday I will take a look back & talk about what we actually ate & why. I think doing this for a couple weeks will help me to better plan what really works for us in a menu

Monday....Chicken, white rice & asparagus
Tuesday...Baked Ham, mashed potatoes
Wednesday...Hamburger & Rice
Thursday...Red Beans & Rice w/ smoked sausage

I'm not going to plan the weekend right now, I'll figure that out on Friday when I look back at how the week has gone.